The long tradition of the Distillery LI.DI.A.

The birth of our distillery dates back to the early sixties, by the founder Lidia who, with her two sons Luciano and Silvano and the precious daughter Gianna, realized a project nurtured time.

At the time, in addition to the grappa, they had numerous liquor products from LI.DI.A. (the name of the founder suggested the acronym Liqueurs – Distillates – Analogous). The company is in its third generation, has been family owned and it now produces only grappa.


The plant

one of the few still functioning entirely of copper – is artisan, composed of four boilers heated by low pressure steam.
The distillation column is what characterizes and diversifies the few distilleries still operating: this is a fact that each artisanal plant has a distillation column different from the others.

Our distillation column is called “head cold” and allows the master distiller to customize the product exalting the characteristics of the skin grapes.
The entire production process takes place under the permanent watch of our master distiller, Stefano:

  • the selection of the marc:: the best are chosen carefully and provided by skilled winemakers who are suppliers “historic” and friends of the distillery;
  • the distillation immediately after racking: the skin grapes are distilled fresh, the best time to preserve and extract the varietal aromas;
  • the distillation: the master distiller must have the maximum attention to the temperature of distillation, with manual adjustment of the cooling water, since the release of steam in boilers until the column temperature at different stages;
  • the cutting heads and tails: only the “heart” of grappa – identified from time to time, based on the different types of grape, and the knowledge of our plant – is destined to bottling;
  • the aging: part of our grappa is aged in small french oak barrels, selected with special care. The amber color at the end of aging, more or less intense, is due exclusively to wood tannins. The aging takes place under the supervision of the competent authorities.

The result is a higher quality product in limited quantity: we think that our grappa can satisfy the most demanding connoisseurs and conquer even the less experienced.


The packaging

The same care and attention we put into the distillation is also in packaging. For almost 40 years our grappas are recognized by the particular package, made entirely by hand. After bottling, the bottles are first wrapped in sheets of paper (the label), hand numbered; then we go to wrap the hemp thread around the neck of the bottle and secure it with hot wax.
The colors of the wrappers identify the different kind of skin grapes.


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